Love Australia But no Refugees deal

” I have a lot of respect for Australia, I love Australia as a country- but we have a problem ” – Donald Trump

What is that problem is the refugee deal, establish this refugee agreement is from America former president Barack Obama and Australia former president Kevin Michael Rudd on September, 2016. The agreement is talking about refugee swap, that means Obama willing to help Australia receive the Guinea Refugees and also America must respond Australia to receive Central American Refugees. However president of the AS Mr Trump unwilling to move forward with Australia refugees deal, he said ” why, why are we doing this. What is the purpose?” He asks this doubt to everyone and he expects prevent this agreement.

He feels disappointed and he thought it is just a horrible deal, not any benefits for both countries.
As Mr Trump he believes the refugees cannot help America development, on the contrary the refugees likely to give rise to disasters like thievery, sexual assault, harass and especially increase government spending for health care cause most of refugees are from the war and have illness and expand the demand for looking the job, it leads to increase competitiveness and nations hard to find the job push up the unemployment rate. High unemployment rate will influence homeless rate, lower GDP for the economy, increase government borrowing because the government have to follow subsidy policy to help peoples’ material and non- material living standing. Generally speaking it’s like a cycle system cause of receive refugees and happen all of these problems and American have to undertake these bad things. So why Mr Trump said” why we doing this ?” If Mr Trump follow the agreement receive 1,250..refugees it could be 2,000 it could be more than that,” and then we will see vicious spiral. His propose is making the people have better life not disaster.

Unfortunately Mr Turnbull has different idea for the problem, until finish the phone call the relationship between Mr Trump and Mr Turnbull from “Robust” “Contentious” and ” Hostile”. Mr Turnbull promotes to help which people are need we help, we have to save refugees from war and reset their lives give their support and try to let them feel warm and belonging here.

As for refugees swap Mr Trump and Mr Turnbull has different perspective, find a strategy to solve the problem as soon as possible, we can’t cause the problem to break the friendly relationship with both countries. Anyway it’s not benefit for America and Australia’s economic development.




  1. Australia is often accuses of being a puppet of America. It is no secret that when it comes to the world stage, we almost always look to America for guidance. Is it posible that Australia will beak free from America or at least distance itself from it?

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    1. The idea was for Australia to take in Central American refugees seeking asylum in America in exchange for America taking in refugees seeking Asylum in Australia, so it should have meant each country ended up with the same number of refugees it would have had previously. It was done to increase diversity of immigrants to both nations and was an new way for both countries to approach their refugee problem. Given that president Trump has dealt with his refugee problem by gleefully abusing the power of the executive by violating the constitution of his own country it’s understandable why he no longer wants to hold up his end of the bargain as he no longer needs us to. We learned all this from twitter of course, about 45 minutes after the US State Department confirmed the refugee deal was going ahead. It’s almost hard to see where the confusion stems from regarding this deal huh?

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  2. Taking refugees or not has two side effects. It could be said the crime rates would increase if Australia takes the refugees. However, it is necessary to give a hand to the helpless people. It is a very considerable question.

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