The Great Wall Of America

“I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I build them very inexpensively.” – Donald Trump

As President Trump’s started to set in motion his plan to build an ” impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall”- BBC New, between the US and Mexico, people have started questioning where the money is going to come from.

The border is about 3,100 km long and traverses all sorts of terrain. Mr Trump says his wall will cover 1,600 km and natural obstacles will take care of the rest. Mr Trump estimates that it will cost around 10-12 USD billion dollars but estimates from engineers seem to be universally higher. The government already started to put down fencing which has covered 1000 km has already set them back more than 7 billion dollars.

According to House Republican officials, members of Trump’s transition team have told Republicans in Congress that the president-elect wants to pay for the border wall upfront through the appropriations process and then later seek reimbursement from Mexico.

This means that the more than 73 million people who voted for the other candidates like Hillary Clinton would have to pay for a border monstrosity they never supported or wanted. This would cause a lot of conflict and riots.

The opportunity cost for building the wall are very high. The money could be used to invest in different government project. For example, if Trump has to take money that would have been previously allocated to Healthcare to build the wall, many Americans will suffer when public healthcare cant afford new technology or to expand their operation, meaning there is a high chance that living standards will decrease as a result of the wall being built   

Donald Trump’s wall has potential to have colossal repercussions for America’s economy. If the wall is built it will likely cause the everyday American to suffer as the opportunity cost of the wall is huge. Is Trump making the right decision? Only time can tell.


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      1. The estimated 10-12 billion USD could be used for increased infrastructure across the whole country. More specifically on communication infrastructure that is needed for advancements in technology and innovation.

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  1. Although the everyday American would suffer, wouldn’t such a large scale project help simulate the economy by providing thousands of jobs to industrial workers, engineers and so forth? In hindsight, I guess this ticks off the “create more jobs for Americans” box for Trump.

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    1. In the short-term it would provide more jobs and thus stimulate the economy, but it doesn’t exactly guarantee that those people will have jobs after it has been built, especially because afterwards there would be so many people competing for jobs (unless he starts another useless project). If that made sense.
      Also I don’t understand how he’ll be
      able to get Mexico to pay for it.

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  2. Mexico is America’s 3rd largest goods trading partner, with a total value of USD$531 billion worth in goods traded in 2015.
    Trump intends to subsidise local industries to ensure the production of goods and services occurs only in America.
    Building a wall is extremely likely to worsen relations between America and Mexico, and make goods and services more expensive in America, because Mexico can produce the same goods and services for a relatively lower cost. How else will Trump’s America suffer?

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    1. With the higher cost of living due to the expected more expensive goods and services, it’s foreseeable that many people in low socioeconomic areas will suffer greatly and be forced to move out of the United States or resort to illegal behaviour just to meet ends. By creating one way to stop illegal behaviour, has Trump created another way to initiate it?

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      1. A good point Michelle. Politicians often overlook the long-term problems in favour of short-term (election winning) solutions. However, although lower living standards can cause a rise in crime, substance abuse and other issues, it is rare that people in that predicament would leave the country. International mobility is usually only available for those with financial means.

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  3. The cost of Trump’s wall is supposed to be around $12-15 billion, meanwhile illegal immigration costs over $100 billion to the US government on local, state and federal levels. The cost is likely to grow as more illegals enter the US, the wall would certainly stop a large majority on that, the money saved by not spending it on illegals could be used for much more worthwhile pursuits, like education and health.

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    1. People I think sometimes get caught up in the short term gain blame game and forget that these decisions need to be effective and target real problems for countries. America has a real issue with Illegal immigrants. In the short term it provides jobs to build it and will in term help their social security and welfare budget, which is totally unequiped to handle that amount. Absolutely agree with your comment. They need to think about the long term gain.

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  4. “This means that the more than 73 million people who voted for the other candidates like Hillary Clinton would have to pay for a border monstrosity they never supported or wanted.” Unfortunately, this happens a lot in democracies. However, it remains to be seen if these people will actually pay for the wall. The last time I saw it being discussed, the idea was that there would be tariffs on Mexican goods. I would be very surprised if this caused riots, even if the wall were paid for entirely through raised US taxes.

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